Our Process

Building Relationships….

To become a Mindful Dog, your companion will need to have some basic fundamental skills in place. These are important skills that your companion will need before they are approved for their Mindful Dogs learner vest. This enables us to guarantee the safety of yourself, your companion and others whilst they are a Mindful Dog.

Some skills you and your companion will need are in the area of basic obedience. This covers if they can sit, stay or drop on command, come when they’re called in all situations, calmly walk on the lead next to you without pulling or lunging, behaving in a calm manner when around children, other animals or in an exciting situation, ensuring they don’t begin to bark, nip or become over excited.

If your companion hasn’t quite become the master of these basic skills yet, don’t panic! There are plenty of ways to gain assistance to make your dog the best he can be. A great option is seeking out an obedience training class or trainer. We have a great list of these on our resources page. If you would prefer to train your companion yourself, there are also many videos and how-to guides in stores or on the internet.

However you choose to master these skills with your companion, please remember that Mindful Dogs recommends and promotes positive response training only. Positive response training uses positive praise and rewards when your companion exhibits desirable behaviour, and undesired behaviour merely loses the reward, rather than losing love or receiving punishment. It also encourages you to work with you companion rather than be the dominant force in your partnership. This method will ensure that a trusting and positive bond is created between you and your companion and will enable you to have a productive working partnership.