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How to Register with Mindful Dogs…

The application process to obtaining certification as a Mindful Dog has three steps:

Step One

The first step of your Mindful Dogs journey is to fill out our registration form.

Please fill out the registration form here.

Step Two

To enable us to register your companion as a Psychiatric Assistance Dog with Mindful Dogs, we will need a letter from your psychiatrist or psychologist that confirms that you would benefit from a companion dog and that you are able to care for your companion. This will need to be submitted with your application, to Once this is received, we will be able to finalise your application to register your companion as a Mindful Dog.

Step Three

You need to submit all relevant documentation and make payment of your Application Fee.

Documentation required will be proof of microchipping, vaccination certificates and obedience training certificate of completion (if obedience training was completed at a certified training facility).

You will also need to upload a video of your dog performing basic commands (Sit, stay, drop, come) and any other relevant skills to the Mindful Dogs Dropbox here.

Documentation can be submitted via email to:

Or alternatively, via post to:
Mindful Dogs
10 Euroka Street

Please note, if submitting documents via mail, we will need to keep all files for our records, so ONLY post copies of documents.


The fees for having your dog certified as a Mindful Dog are:

On application $200 for employed or $150 for pensioners. Paid with application.

Once your application and payment have been received, you application will be reviewed, and if it is approved your companion will be awarded trainee status.

You will receive a ‘Welcome Pack’ containing an introductory letter, your dog’s ID, companion cards and a Trainee Jacket for your companion.  This permits you to take him to any public space for the purposes of training. Your dog will need to be fully trained as per the guidelines. Advice on ways to train your dog are below, and we have plenty of resources to assist you in all options on our resources page, found here.

At public access testing $250 for employed or $175 for pensioners. Paid at testing. This covers the cost of their new Mindful Dogs vest and ID. Upon passing the exam, your companion is now a certified Mindful Dog with all the rights that involves – ie. they can go anywhere with you.

At certification re-assessment $150 for employed or $75 for pensioners. Paid on re-assessment.

An invoice will be issued and options for payment provided at the time of application or booking (Public Access Test)

Applications will not be processed before full payment is received.